By the shore of Slemmern Bay, just north of the Eastern Harbour of Mariehamn, you will find the Maritime Quarter, a living marine centre with boat-building activity, a smithy and facilities for other traditional handicrafts, alongside a museum and a restaurant. There is a marina for small ships and traditional wooden boats, a 300-metre-long wharf and most service amenities.
Stroll around the traditional-style Åland boat harbour, with sheds and boat-houses. Furthest out on the breakwater there is a seafarers' chapel, often used for weddings and namegiving ceremonies.handicraft stores Salt and Guldviva you can buy original craft work and souvenirs. Our restaurant Pub Niska offers Åland style pizzas, baked potatoes and tasty soups. You can also enjoy a cup of coffee.

The galleass Albanus, the schooner Linden and the sailing well-boat Jehu were built in the Maritime Quarter together with some thirty other wooden craft of various kinds. Many traditonal sailingvessels are based in the Maritime Quarter, among them the schooner Nordboen.Our museum contains exhibitions of ship and boat building in former and present time plus an exhibition of farm-boats (storbåtar). There is also a museum shop. There is an exhibition of historical work-boats in the newbuilt Beacon, a copy of the former beacon at the Kobba Klintar pilot station. From the summer 2014 you can follow the building of a traditional wooden fishing boat. A newbuilt museum with an exhibition of old hot-bulb engines and other historical marine engines opened 2012.
Future plans include a rigging workshop and more boat-building facilities. Training in boat and ship building is also planned.


Open: Wednesday - Friday 10 am to 3 pm. Adjusted opening hours during events, see below.

Please contact us: Phone weekdays: 10-16 hrs +358-(0)40-5283899. E-mail. info@sjokvarteret.ax. Address: Sjökvarteret, Österleden 110, AX 22100 Mariehamn.

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Events 2021

Tar market 

Cancelled due to Covid-19.

Åland Sea Days (Ålands Sjödagar) 17-20.7 
In The Maritime Quarter. Big maritime cultural event. Åland Sea Days is a big maritime event with Traditional Ships' Meeting in the Maritime Quarter. Adventure tour for small traditional work boats in the middle of July. In addition, sailing trips, sailing race for old-time work boats. Programmes for children (bark-boat contest, pets and farm animals on view, etc). Displays and sales of handicrafts. Food and drink for sale. Entertainment with dancing every night. During these five days the Maritime Quarter will be a meeting place for crews, tourists and Ålanders.

Sail Åland 22-25.7.2021

The launch of Alanta the sailing yacht 24.7.2021

For more information visit alanta.ax.


Åland Sea Jazz 6.8.2021

Åland Sea Jazz is a Scandinavian style festival that takes place in the historical and still active maritime quarter in Mariehamn. This boutique festival offers the best of Nordic jazz in a unique location. It’s intimate and atmospheric. Small, yet so big.


Traditional memorizing event arrangerad by Åland Peace-association and Emmaus Åland on the 6th of August at 9.30 pm..

Harvest Festival in Åland 17-19.9
Harvest Festival in September September with open house and programme in The Maritime Quarter.

Christmas market on the 11th and 12th of December
Quality handicrafts, local foods and a jolly good time! Open 10 am to 4 pm.

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Jag är ett stycke. Klicka här när du vill lägga till din egen text och redigera mig. Det är lätt.

Boat- and shipbuilding

The galleass Albanus, the schooner Linden and the sailing well-boat Jehu were built at the Maritime Quarter. Some thirty other wooden craft of various kinds have also been built here.

From autumn 1998 to spring 2001 the museum-ship Sigyn underwent thorough restoration here. Built in 1887, the Sigyn is a three-masted barque, 45 metres long. She now lies in Turku/Åbo.During winter 2003-04 a traditional work-boat from the island group of Kökar was built, with the assistance of two apprentices. It was launched in spring 2004. In spring 2003 an early 19th century type sailing well-boat was launched, and three skiffs were built in the summers of 2002 to 2003. In winter 2002-03 a so-called "fembelbåt" was built, a type thought to be the predecessor of the farm-boat. 10 metres long, it is built with only five strakes per side, the ends of the first two strakes being shaped with an axe. Rigged with the customary square-sail, it was launched in June 2003.

In 2006 and 2007 two traditional farm-boats (storbåt), an 11 m long clinker-built, gaffrigged open wooden boat were launched. This type of boat were mainly used for markettrips and fishing.
In 2008 - 2009 was one 6 m long "gavelbåt" and one 5 m "kökarjulla" built. The building of two traditional work-boats started in the autumm 2011 and was completed in the late spring 2012.
Other projects include the restoration of a shark-cutter and several smaller crafts. The galleass Hoppet was in the Maritime Quarter in 2012 to get a new rigging. The latest project is upcoming boatbuilding / foundation Alanta (http://www.alanta.ax/foreningen/).

Museum and boat building yards
Our museums contains exhibitions of ship and boat building in former and present times plus an exhibition of historical boat engines. There is also a museum shop. Since summer 2014 you can see the building of a traditional Åland wooden fishing boat.
You will also find a small exhibition of historical work-boats in the Beacon, a copy of the former beacon at the Kobba Klintar pilot station. The museum is open every day during Summertime. For groups open on request. Please contact us:
Phone +358-(0)40-5283899 or email: info@sjokvarteret.ax.

Sail cruises
Galleass Albanus
Albanus sails mainly with youth, but it's possible to book the

ship for private purpose like family meeting, birthday and marriage

or cultural events as well as incentive and representaion for companies.

Phone +358-(0)18-17545. Internet: www.albanus.ax.


Crafts work

Two professional boatbuilders are established in The Maritime Quarter.

You can order new wooden boats, repair or maintenance of wooden boats

at the following phone numbers:

Hans Holmström, phone +358-(0)40-5283928. E-mail: batbyggarn@live.com
Kenneth Holmström, phone +358-(0)457-3823082.

Allan Palmer, A. Palmer Sailing Ltd. Phone +358(0)40-7213808.

www.apalmersailing.ax. E-mail: nordboen@apalmersailing.ax


Jouni Lahdenperä
Also Stockholm tar, rope, blocks and traditional sailing boat equipment for sale.

Phone +358(0)40-5486226. E-mail: jouni@aland.net. www.jouni.ax.

Smithy, traditional Åland iron smithy work.


Hot bulb engines workshop. The Åland Energy and Maritime Technical Society restore mainly, hot bulb engines. For information about opening hours please contact our museum office. Phone +358-(0)40-7237220.


P-Å - Silversmith, Silver smith and other metal workshop. Products of own design. Phone +358(0)18-15626, +358(0)457-3135626.


Zygeda Johansson (Jurgutyte), ZygedART (Metal art),

tel. +358(0)40-5429189.

Mariner Chapel
Seamen’s chapel was built by youth voluntaries from
Europe and was inaugurated in 2008. This building is
open for tranquillity, silence and reflection, for seafarers
of all faiths and religions, as the traditional chapels were
along the costs.
The Seamen’s Chapel may also be used
for celebrations and memorials and is available for bookings
through the Seaquarters at info(a)sjokvarteret.ax. For more

information contact the coordinator on the address:



Per-Åke Johansson

SALT Åland art and handicraft

Arts and crafts in textiles, silver, ceramics, wood and ironwork.The six resident artists sell their own work alongside that of other Ålandic craftsmen by invitation. Phone +358-(0)18-21505. E-mail: info@salt.ax.


Pub Niska Restaurant

Åland style Pizzas, baked potatoes and soups. Café.

Phone +358-(0)18-19151

E-mail: info@niska.com. pubniska.com.


Gold smith workshop with a wide collection of self designed silver and gold jewelry.

Phone +358-(0)18-22130.

E-mail: info@guldviva.com. www.guldviva.com