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SEASTOP modern ports in historic waters


Sjokvarteret is a port primarily for ships and wooden boats, but also for visiting leisure boats. Here is a harbor with 300 m berth. The Maritime Quarter is located just north of Mariehamn's eastern port and offers a living marine environment with boat construction, other crafts as well as museums and a restaurant. With the support of Seastop, the port has now been expanded with a large floating jetty and we will also be able to upgrade signage and invest in better ground basis etc.


SEASTOP raised service levels in 21 ports along the historic sailing routes in Stockholm, the archipelago of Aland and Turku. SEASTOP is funded with EUR 3.1 million from the European Regional Development Fund and co-financed by EUR 1 million from local and regional authorities in Sweden, Aland and Finland. Seastop was a collaboration between the municipality of Varmdö, the city of Mariehamn, Foretagsam Skargard, Bromarv City Council, and Peterzéns Ltd. The project was active from 2018 to 2020. Read more about the entire project: www.seastop.se.

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A new floating jetty for day visitors, starting from season 2019! Please note that it´s forbidden to throw anchor. Anchorage is done with mooring lines our bouy. Water depth by the jetty is only about 1-2,5 meters.